Promote The Use of Preferred Cellular Carriers and Pooled Minute Plans

Project Manager: Aryan Mehta

Project Description: This initiative proposes to enable the use of preferred cellular carrier contracts (AT&T and Verizon), and reduce individual departmental mobile accounts. CTS will be offering pooled minute plans for AT&T and Verizon initially. Benefits to UCLA campus departments include consolidated procurement and billing. 

A billing only option is being added, and once completed IT Services will begin contacting departments based on a priority list created using Accounts Payable (AP) invoice data.  IT services currently supports 271 mobile phone numbers. Thirty-one (31) departments are now participating in the program, reducing the number of invoices to AP by an estimated 55 invoices.

Results: Efficiencies achieved to date include all billing being handled by IT Services, reducing the amount of invoices processed by AP and reducing AP administrative overhead costs. Itemized billing detail is included on the IT Services Web Based Bill which provides customers with one consolidated bill for all of their telephone service needs. Bills are monitored monthly for accuracy, usage required, and erroneous charges, such as unsolicited applications.